Ada Lion Heart

This is the story of Ada’s battle with Neuroblastoma.

Baby Ada, (1-year-old) was diagnosed with high-risk Neuroblastoma spread throughout various sites in her little body on the 14th of February 2020. On the 15th of February, she suffered rare complications from her first surgery. She had to undergo open heart surgery and was close to death but she refused to give up.

The Neuroblastoma cells were growing and spreading aggressively, making the first round of chemo treatment, quite an urgent one. She had to start her first round of chemo, without the chance of recovering from her surgery.

Ada fought with the spirit of a wild Lion. She amazed her medical team with her fighting spirit and this is how she became known as Ada Lion Heart.

This site tells the story of Ada and her family’s battle with Neuroblastoma. We update the blog posts with her Mom, Janie and Dad Tim’s what’s app updates as they post them on her support group. They face a minimum of 18 months of treatment ahead, which includes chemo, surgery, two bone marrow transplants and radiation therapy.