First Round of Chemo

Hello everyone – Ada’s first treatment of chemo went better than we expected. In the photo above, Ada and Daddy had a little moment of being miserable sausages together after the third projectile vomit of the day🤢 So far we have lost one cuddly blanket and three lovey bunny’s to the fight, but we feel hopeful that a quick wash, new pain meds and a good rest will make tomorrow a better day🌅 Also, all of the puking has been on Tim, so I’m counting it as a personal victory😄

Dad and baby in hospital
Tim and Ada after her first round of chemo

Thank you everyone for the messages of support, I showed them to Ada and she tried to eat the phone, so Im taking that as approval. Also it really helps Tim and I, especially on the hard days like yesterday💜❤💗

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