Starting the first round of Chemo

Starting the first round of Chemo

Hi folks, just a quick update – Ada has just started her first round of chemo. We had a bit of a nightmare last night, she was screaming in pain a lot so I ended up coming back to the hospital to help Janie at about midnight. Pain team have assessed her and changed her pain meds, and she was so much happier this morning, she even sat up by herself and attempted to climb out of her cot, which gave us both a minor heart attack. But very good to see some of the old Ada starting to come back through 🙂 Will keep everyone posted. Got an EEG this arvo to check on the blood clots and should get the results of yesterday’s scan at some point today. Will keep everyone posted

Baby sitting up right in her hospital bed.
Ada, sitting up in her hospital bed.

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