Day 3 of Chemo done and dusted!

Hello everybody, hope you are all enjoying the weekend and life in the outside world. Chemo day #3 done! A goodly amount of vomiting too, but the oncologist is not too concerned and they are trying different medication combos to help. Tim and I are also trying to look at patterns and so far have found two probable factors: a certain way of lifting Ada up and food smells.
Ada is starting to get some of her energy back, this morning she had a good long play (lying in the cot) with Nana, Tony, Harry and Alice and sister Disa💗 We also had to spend about an hour playing peek-a-boo and reading stories at 9pm to get her back to sleep after a nurse woke her up😅 What we’ve learnt today: 1) Chemo farts are deadly 2) There is always more vomit 3) There is always a new level of difficulty. Today had a super positive: seeing Ada and Disa laugh, play, blow kisses and enjoy time together after more than a week💗💜❤

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