Happy Hickman Day :)

Hi All, quick update – everything went according to plan 🙂 currently snoring gently in recovery while we wait for the nurse to take use back upstairs. Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts, prayers and wishes

Thank you everyone🤗 Im not sure how best to say it other than our parent-hearts felt fit to burst with gratitude, relief and joy when we saw Ada in the recovery room. She gave us a grumpy look and went back to sleep😂 When she was wheeled back to her room, a whole bunch of nurses and doctors greeted her with a big cheer at the ward’s reception desk😍 Realising how many people carried her in their hearts, even after only the briefest contact, made me cry an embarrassing amount! Ada had a good long nap, and is now very awake, its past 10pm here in NZ and she is still partying!🙀

We have all decided that today shall be forever known as Happy Hickman Day, named after the Hickman line which symbolises a positive victory in a very challenging time for us. So please hug a friend, loved one or pet, drink a super smoothie and do a jig! Send us photos of your jigs, best one wins a cup of mildly ok hospital coffee😀

Happy Hickman day everyone, it’s all GO at the baby disco over here.

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