Operation: snippy curl.

Operation: snippy curl.

Hello everyone, today Ada had a good day, playing with lots of people! She has a low-grade fever which we are monitoring, no panic yet but means we may not be home early next week.

Scene from Jurassic Park. FREEZE!

I’m assuming everyone has seen at least one Jurassic Park movie by now, so I’ll share a moment that made us laugh today… In Jurassic Park movies there’s always a moment where the earth trembles, water in a glass or puddle ripples and there is a distant ominous boom… and everyone freezes in terror of the T-Rex! That’s how we react now when a -finally- asleep Ada stops snoring or waves a foot in the air. And just like in the movies, we daren’t move or make a sound, and only creep slowly when we’re sure she’s in deep sleep. Her hair has started to thin now, so I decided I want to cut and save one piece which always stands up in a jaunty way (we call it her Snippy Curl). We waited until she was asleep… crept like petrified palaeontologists and worked in shaky torchlight. We put her little golden curl in a small ziploc baggy for safekeeping and hugged each other and had a little cry… until a loud “Fweeeep” interrupted the snoring next to us, and we burst into slightly hysterical laughter😂. So that is my wish for the rest of everyone’s week – may an unexpected fart remind you it’s not all bad💜🐄🦕

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