Positive news for today.

Good evening everyone, today marks the close of our third week in this new life😯 Time feels bizarre – like two seconds have passed in a blur and also like its been years. Today has been a hard one, Ada was unhappy a lot of the time, unless someone was reading her a book or she was sleeping. We had to change all her dressings to check for infection in any of the wounds, and because the previous night had been so hard I asked Tim to field that one. He, our wonderful nurse, the oncology surgeon and cardiac surgeon all did a brilliant job but it definitely looked like it had been intense. Ada will be on antibiotics for the next few days and received a transfusion as well. Positive news for today: all the wounds look good, no signs of infection so far for which we are very grateful. Also, I want to say thank you to each of you for staying with us for these past three weeks, we know time is precious and every family has their own challenges, so when you take time out to offer love and support, to help in practical ways and be compassionate we truly appreciate it❤❤❤

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