Happy Birthday Tim!

Hi all, thanks so much for your birthday wishes – all the support we’ve been getting from everyone is the best birthday present I could ask for 🙂 Has been a day of ups and downs again. For the first time in a while Ada woke up happy, on time and alert and we had quite a good play this morning. The physios have declared that she has made too much progress for the physio chair they gave us the other day, so have taken it away again. She also stood up in her cot for the first time since her last surgery and crawled yesterday which was both an awesomely proud moment and a moment of terror at the same time as she immediately got tangled in her lines. Her mischief is coming back nicely 🙂 Went a bit downhill after that as we had to have her feeding tube replaced as it was only ever meant for temporary use. She did really well when they put the new, more comfortable tube in, but in typical Ada fashion the tape they used to secure it didn’t hold properly and it got moved out of place. An x-ray and a lot of worry later they figured out it was too far in and untaped, repositioned and re-taped. Hopefully for the last time for a while! Currently having our midday nap, might be a late night again!

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