Chemo round 2

Day 1 Chemo done!!
Day 2 done🌞🦕👼
Apparently cheese supreme Dorito crackers are just the thing after a 3-bunny chemo day
Day 3 Done🌞👼🦕
Day 4 Done🙈👶🤷‍♀️

Ada went well, no vomiting untiiiiiiiill we pulled into the driveway at home! She’s pretty wiped out but otherwise ok. We are hoping for a good night and then last day, day 5 tomorrow🏆🏋️‍♀️🌞

[19:16, 3/13/2020] Janie Grobler: Today’s volunteers were stellar🤩 We had a bit of an evolving and rough day as the skin on Ada’s poor little bum is starting to break down so nappy changes are frequent and a bit of a tough time (not nearly as bad as it was the last cycle and we’ve got a winning combo of products/techniques now) and we had the dressing of the sternotomy removed plus the usual discomfort that comes with the tail end of chemo. Thank you Jo and Pip for all your hard work, you made it much easier than you will ever realise. Jo you were great with the colouring, chatting, keeping me caffeinated and teaching Ada Incy Wincy🕷 Pip, you’ve gone way out of your comfort zone in comforting a baby and did fabulously, and Ada almost got a very good watch out of the deal😂 You helped conversations with the medical team go well and asked great questions, and brought some great meals for us❤
[19:22, 3/13/2020] Janie Grobler: Thank you, Kirstin and Scarlett, for coming over and keeping Ada awake until bedtime with your hilarious antics🙈👼

Day 5 going well👼 Ada is vomiting more but no need to panic – its expected and the excellent pharmacists have a range of medicines they can try for her. She and Tim are having fun exploring playroom toys and playing with hospital bed remote controls🙈😂😛

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