No spitting games!

Yesterday we had a bit of a repeat of cycle 1: one of the chemo drugs went walkabouts and arrived hours late, and as there has to be a certain number of hours between doses it meant today was a late start too… so we have done two full days at the hospital instead of the half-days as scheduled, but tomorrow should be on track again🙈
Ada is getting vomity now, helpfully after our volunteer for the day left (baby timing/gaslighting🙄🤷‍♀️) and her nappy rash is starting up again. But we have a few highlights:
1) Ada is actively practising standing for 10 minutes or more at a time
2) Personal achievement: extract a Snollie (good Afrikaans word for snot for our English friends) without disturbing the NG feeding tube
3) The phrase “No spitting games, we can’t replace the floor and you have toxic acid spit” was used😂

Tim, Ada and Janie

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