Red Mans syndrome

Hi everyone, just a quick update, Ada’s spiked a fever so we are currently in ED for triage and initial tests, they will likely start antibiotics and she will be admitted.

Hi everyone, late update as its been a loooong and busy day here. We struggled for a few hours with Ada’s fever but thats down now thankfully. Her heart rate is still sitting quite high so its being monitored closely. She had a reaction with one of her antibiotics a short while ago called Red Mans Syndrome which was just hellishly scary to see, but it’s well under control now. Red Mans syndrome is a reaction the body has sometimes when an antibiotic Vancomycin is given at a rate thats a bit hard to process. It’s not an allergic reaction so thats positive. The teams here are very responsive and so onto it, she is being closely monitored by what feels like a small army of professionals and they are confident that when the next dose of antibiotics is given at a lower rate she will be alright, but they are well prepared should that not be the case. We are both at the hospital with her during this close monitoring period but are hopeful by morning things will look better.

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