Hello everybody­čî╗Its a brand new day­čî×But the only way we know that is a new parade of faces in the medical teams­čśů it feels like an endless blend of hours on high alert at the moment. Ada’s hemoglobins are very very low so she is having a transfusion, and the prevailing train of thought seems to be that once thats on board the heart rate should settle. Getting the transfusion with her other meds is high-ris─Ě, but she’s still being closely monitored and in the best place she can be. Fevers up again this morning but they are staying on top of it and working on finding the cause although its a bit of a dynamic thing, and could even be just because her body is working so hard and getting a bit behind on fluids.

With the close need for monitoring while blood products are going, they need one of us to stay in the room with her at all times, so we are both doing shifts.

Tim is doing ok, he jas a little office set up on the food tray in the corner of the room. Im ok, alternating between pumping, nappy changes, helping with obs, fending off lunch ladies, meeting with what seems like endless specialists and general faffing. Ada is doing ok, she sat up and tried to play, despite having such low blood levels and the medical team were genuinely surprised at how resilient she is.

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