COVID-19 Alert level 4

Hello everyone, before our update a bit of background info for our friends and family not based in New Zealand. This afternoon our Prime Minister announced we are on COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and will go to Alert Level 4 by Wednesday which is all schools and non-essential business closed and severe travel restrictions.

Everyone is doing their best to prepare for what this means for their work and living arrangements, and it has been a day of uncertainty to say the least.

Ada and I are still in hospital as her treatment is classified essential, and her stem cell harvest is all set to go ahead tomorrow if her blood counts are high enough in the morning.

All the playrooms are closed as of this afternoon so I had to run down to the gift shop and buy some toys because we have to keep her occupied and still(ish) on the bed for almost the whole day. The cafes and things are closing down and we haven’t had any chance to grocery shop over the last week except for few small things, so we are trying to work out if people can bring food to us or how that’s going to work, but it’s all a bit tricky as even the staff don’t yet know what the full lockdown will look like, it seems like it will all take shape tomorrow.

In the meantime, Christine and Tony are taking excellent care of Disa, and Margie is helping to figure out how things will work now that she is out of daycare.

Harry and Alice have very kindly gone to stay at our house and look after Alaska who is just so fond of them and their toes🐰Cat and Aira thank you for helping with online shopping, you ladies have been so quick and selfless with all your help.

Ada is doing better, she is a happy, charming baby who has an enormous fan club already and we often have people popping in just to say hello and have a play. She has to fast overnight which is sure to make her cranky as, she hates being deprived of boobies! But other than that we are expecting a good night.

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