Lessons from this journey

Ada’s journey has taught us an incredible lesson in living fully every moment. In our own experience of trying to keep a baby with 0 immunity safe and keep our young family going, I know how easy it is to spiral into fear and to retreat to being reactive and old comfortable ways of thinking and being. Tim and I constantly manage our emotions and thoughts while trying to muddle through what seems like ever-increasing difficulty, to choose not to let fear be the predominant energy in our lives and replace anxiety and uncertainty with acceptance, surrender, creativity, love and faith. We don’t succeed in this because we have special skills or magic powers, but because Ada reminds us every day that the pure human spirit wants to live and love with a fierce and bright intensity. We are thankfully more than ever for all of you, you remind us we are in this together and together humanity will come through this transformed.

Apologies that it got a little woo woo there but its a weird kind of time so I thought we can relax the rules a bit💜🌻🌞

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