“It’s steep, but we’ll do it”

Had the stem cell harvest today, it was a bit of a hectic start and a full-on day with keeping Ada occupied and still and happy, with none of the serious complications we prepared for. The teams from NZ Blood and PICU provided excellent care, and Ada’s fan club is rapidly growing, we got so many remarks on how clever she is with her words at such a young age and of course, she charmed everyone that came past.

We just heard that Ada is a champion at making stem cells, they’ve got enough cells for her double transplant, and a whole lot more to save for if she needs more aggressive therapy later on. We are grinning like Cheshire cats.

If Ada is stable overnight we get to go home at some stage tomorrow, and then back in on Sunday to start cycle 3 (experimental therapy) on Monday which is going to be a huge one in terms of side effects, and then will probably be in here for a couple of weeks.

Obviously some big feelings around that and trying to balance it with everything else going on, but for tonight we are just happy to try and have a good rest after a big battle.

Thank you, everyone, for all the love and support, all the wonderful ways you helped and that you keep helping even though there’s a lot going on. We hope to use the next few days to get in touch with everyone and figure out the battle plan for the next stage of this journey. As they say in almost every good Thomas the Tank Engine story: “It’s steep but we’ll do it”🎢💜🌻

Ada giving Tim a consoling pat, he had to run between ICU and his little hospital office all day👼

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