Round 3, Day 2

Hi everyone, bit subdued here this morning, had a bit of a rough night as the pain was getting on top of Ada and the chemo vomits started up, we were playing catch up with the pain meds for a while but eventually got on top of it early this morning. The nursing staff were excellent overnight, and thankfully much more awake and onto it than we are this morning! and the pain team have a good plan for today. Ada’s having a long nap this morning, Tim doing work and Im trying to recover some semblance of a working brain🧟‍♀️Starting chemo for today now, looks like Mombie is the mode for today… but just like zombies we don’t quit, we are going into this next battle limping but optimistic💜🌞👼

Hey everybody, quick update, Ada got very puffy this morning (a known side effect of the treatment combo) and we had to give her some meds to address that before doing chemo, so our chimeric treatment is going until midnight again, with 2 hours post hydration again. We’ve been doing well so far but starting to see effects now. Tim and I having a hasty dinner and taking a big breath in, next few hours may be a bit rough🎢

A little puffy, miserable sausage

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