Holding onto the positives

Its a brand new day here🌞🌻🐝Ada is sleeping after a long night👼 We were definately more on top of her pain, it seems like we are closer to finding a good balance of pain meds which is positive. Although inntrue Ada form we’ve hit the jackpot in getting almost every known reaction to the treatment ranging from fluid buildup to allergic itching, and the cisplatin is still causing lots of vomiting.

Big positive is no chemo today, just the immunotherapy for the next two days. It still has to run over 10 hours but we may be able to start earlier as no chemo, which means less of the night on active therapy infusion, which is a small relief. Even though Ada and I spend a lot of the night dealing with side effects, not having the active infusion seems to help a tiny bit. So this morning we have a wee break, probably just enough for us to get a little sanity back, and then from around midday, we are back into it. My respect for zombies is definitely growing🧟‍♀️💜👼

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