After cycle 3 treatment

Hey everybody, Ada finished her cycle 3 of treatment on Friday but was struggling with side effects until Sunday morning when we were discharged. We had a horrendous night on Sunday and attended a clinic appointment this morning for checkup and blood tests. Had an hour or so at home when we got the call to come back, her electrolytes are all out of balance due to the chemo side effects. She is having an infusion and fluids to correct it and will reassess in the morning. We are terribly exhausted, but keeping in good spirits otherwise by focusing and being grateful for the positives we’ve had: time together as a family, the mischief two little toddlers get up to in the garden, cuddles with the real bunbun, home-cooked meals, the love and support from amazing people like you and kind nurses and medical staff who tirelessly devote themselves to continuing Ada’s excellent care💜🌻🖖

Aaand we’re heading back in

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