Happy Birthday, Janie!

Thank you, everyone, for the awesome messages, videos and photos💕 It was just great to be at home with both the girls and Tim, Harry and Alice. I had a trip to the supermarket (what an adventure!) and bought the chocolatiest cake they had, and we ate the whole thing😬🤠😁 Tim tried to give me a sleep in this morning by getting the girls up and dressed but Disa came running into the bedroom and said: “Heyo Mamma, you waking up?”😂 Ada is doing better every day, and although she is still neutropenic and has to continue phosphate supplements (which is quite a trick to achieve with the feeding tube), her blood test results are otherwise tracking well so we get to stay home for a bit longer😀 The phosphate supplements are making her quite gassy, she has been positively rocket-powered today😂

A new age, a new normal, a new look😲😂🌻

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