Love and bunbun snootbops!

All home togetheršŸ’—

Hey everyone, hope your weekend is off to a great start! We are having lots of fun altogetherā€¦ Disa spent time looking after her teddies, putting their nappies on, feeding them, reading to them and putting them for naps. Ada had serious fun with trains and cars with uncle Harry. Morning tea time, Disa took her apple outside to share with BunBun (sorry Pip, looks Alaska has been permanently renamed!), she even took a little toy plate for BunBun. After Ada’s injection we took a walk in the park and Ada was just loving looking at everything, so much that she skipped her morning nap! In the afternoon we had a good go with play-dough and did some toddler style yoga. Ada and I are back in hospital on Monday for start of cycle 4, again a mix of pretty strong chemo and immunotherapy, so we are making the most of the weekend. Love and bunbun snootboops to allšŸ’œšŸ‡šŸŒ»

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