Round 4

Hi All, update time. It’s always pretty mixed feelings when Ada is back in hospital on a scheduled trip – on one hand she is getting further along the road to being better, but in the other hand it means Janie and Ada being stuck in hospital for another week.

Janie and Ada are safely tucked away in their room, we can add room 5 to the list of rooms we’ve been in on the ward. Ada managed her first doses of chemo like a pro today 💪 and actually the biggest problem was keeping her busy while they found where her doses went. Her new favourite pastime is surfing on the tray they gave us for drawing on – I’m not sure Mamma has any nerves left after today! We didn’t start chemo until after 3, so it was quite a late finish. This means tomorrow is going to be late as well – we’ve got most of the same chemo doses as we had today, plus a 10-hour immunotherapy infusion, so probably won’t be finishing up until the wee small hours. Much love to Janie and Ada in room 5 tonight, may everyone sleep soundly and not be woken by creak nor nurse 😴

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