Baby steps…

Good morning everyone🌞🦄🌻 A brand new day here. I’m sure most of you have/had/know babies… let’s take a trip down memory lane together: remember when they first started standing up and cruising around furniture, the joy and pride that you felt that made your heart feel like it might burst… quickly to be replaced with (let’s be honest) terror and a tiny bit of regret as you realise you can never leave them alone for a second because they are determined to chuck themselves headfirst over every ledge or step and will find the sharp corner in a round room to bang their eye on???
Now imagine that in a hospital setting… with power cords, expensive equipment, attractive bright lights and the very ill-planned emergency button🐒🥴😬 Why am I rambling about this? So that the next person who tells me to be grateful Ada is walking isn’t offended and understands a bit better when I employ a few choice swear words😉 We love you all, we are so grateful beyond words for your support, but we ARE human(ish) and will have human moments💜🤗🧟‍♀️

Enough parental rambling , on to the Ada update… Ada is doing well, her chemo will only start at 2pm today which means immunotherapy only starts at 6pm and will go right through the night. This is going to be a tough one for sure… handling that level of pain and needing to be alert all the time is going to be extra hard overnight🙁 But Ada doesn’t mind just yet, she is having a ball of a time getting into ever creative mischief in her room, her main priority is practising her walking🦄🤦‍♀️🐒

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