Update from round 4

Good morning everyone, at least that’s what the clock says! Our late schedule of yesterday evening was pushed even later still because Ada became quite unwell and we had to stop and troubleshoot before continuing therapy.

Don’t be alarmed, she’s tracking well now and our current working hypothesis is that its a mild allergic reaction to either one of the medicines, Mesna, or one of the new chemo drugs. Ada keeps us all on our toes, but she has a whole team of really excellent staff working on the case and I’m already working with them to put plans in place for when we need those therapies again.

Ada’s immunotherapy ran overnight and ended around 7am. Ada and I trooped on until about 430am and then we needed to call Tim in from the reserves so I could get some sleep. I don’t think it does anyone any good if we pretend this is easy, but it’s a marathon we’ve run before and the techniques and skills we picked up the last cycle definitely paid off.

We worked very well with the team and stayed on top of the pain right through, which is very positive. Ada is having all the previous side effects but we are managing them as best we can too, and the plan is for Tim to work at the hospital today so I will try and catch some sleep and get ready for the next treatment which will start around 4pm and run through the night again. Thank you, everyone, for your messages of support💜🌻🧟‍♀️

Not a bad sunset view as we start our next round, will be running until about 6am, the fever has started but as we know from cycle 1 this is Ada’s body joining in and learning to use its immune system in a new way. A good evening to you all🌻🖖💜

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