A really tough one

A really tough one

Just a quick update – this has been a really tough one, I think it’s been one of the roughest weeks since Ada got out of ICU. We’ve been finished our round of chemo for a couple of days now, and Ada is still suffering a lot of the side effects, although they are starting to subside a little. She’s still on all of the below pumps until things settle a little more – we are keeping fingers crossed for things to settle down tonight, although given the day we’ve had it’s a bit of a long shot.

We’ve got a review with the pain team and Drs in the morning which will dictate how things go over the next few days. We had a bit of trouble this afternoon with a drug reaction, which is looking like residual effects from her chemo. On the plus side, she managed to drink some herbal tea from a little sponge on a stick today and proudly proclaimed ‘bum tea’
(because it’s the same tea that Janie has discovered soothes and protects her bum when used as a rinse during chemo) 💪😆

Ada’s tower of power

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