MRI Results

Hi Guys, so the results are in – mostly positive, but with a bit of hard news as well. As some of you may remember, Ada’s primary cancer mass is next to her left kidney. The mass itself was originally wrapping around her major blood vessels and kidney which meant surgery was too high risk initially. It has responded to chemo well – it’s definitely smaller, but hasn’t disappeared. What is positive is that the kidney and blood vessels are no longer at such high risk from the surgery, and the surgical team are aiming to remove the entire mass and leave the kidney intact. The plan currently is for Ada and Janie to go back into hospital on Sunday, spend the night and then get into surgery first thing on Monday morning. The surgeons aren’t sure how long it will take as it depends a bit on the landscape, anywhere from just the morning to the whole day or maybe longer. After that, we are expecting Ada to need around a week in hospital before she can come home as it is a major op, and she’ll probably be quite sore for some time. There are a couple of less good bits of news – the spots of cancer in her liver haven’t responded as we were hoping. Because the main aim for the MRI was surgery scoping, they didn’t do a full body scan, just the abdomen. This means we need to wait longer to find out about the other sites – after round 5 of chemo they do a really comprehensive full body scan, and at that point we will review the treatment plan in light of what has responded and what hasn’t. So, in terms of surgery – pretty positive! in terms of the other stuff, it’s not time to panic yet, that’s a problem for later us. We are going to be nervous wrecks on Monday, so please cut us some slack and send some good thoughts. We’ll update if we can on Monday night, all going well. Hoping for a couple of good nights until then and a fun weekend.

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