Not easy

Hi everyone, we got home last night after a transfusion and a dose of 24 hour antibiotics and will be going into hospital tomorrow afternoon to check Ada’s blood counts again and surgery is still planned for Monday at this stage. Apologies for not updating you all sooner, I was just too flat when we got home and just crawled into bed. We got some very bad news yesterday, our two noisy boy guinea pigs Floki and Arvid have both been diagnosed with late stage lymphoma and it seems like Arvid may not last the week (Just a word of caution: if you feel the urge to share some sentiment along the lines of pets being unimportant or their death just being run of the mill I will King Kong rage bellow at you for a full 5 minutes). To say we are just gutted is a classic kiwi understatement. In between the happy moments that we share on video and photos we are really struggling. It feels like we are Sisyphus, doomed to roll a massive boulder uphill, only for it to crush us in new ways every day.

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