Ada news

And now for the Ada news – she is now napping after a massively challenging night. She spent half the night in Janie’s arms while the pain team got their act together and found enough pain pumps to do the job, and then when she made it back into the bed woke every few minutes for basically the whole night. After a review this morning, we are thinking that maybe something else from the surgery is causing her wakeups and have dialled the pain pumps back a bit, so will monitor for the rest of the day. She had to have a number of meds during the surgery to control her blood pressure, and they can have side effects along those lines. She had a good play for a few minutes earlier, so is looking like she is waking properly after the surgery which is a good sign. Her op site itself doesn’t seem to be causing too much discomfort, which is great. So hopefully fingers crossed for a better night tonight 🤞 and bring on the poos which will be a sign that her organs have forgiven the surgery team 💩

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