Post Surgery

Thank you everyone🤗💜👼Tim and I had a very rare few hours together while Ada was in surgery. We used the time to go to a mall and have a meal together and bought a birthday present for each of the girls and some much needed pjs for Ada. It was a very pleasant but weird reminder of how different life is outside all this. We are so grateful Ada’s surgery went well, and ready to buckle down for the hard work that is recovery. Because the primary mass was above the kidney, the surgeons had to physically move quite a lot of organs (bowels, bladder etc) out of the way to get to it, and the body has a trauma response with that much handling. So currently Ada’s stomach, intestines and bladder are on a bit of a hiatus, and she has a catheter to help her while we wait for them to get back into the groove. She is having IV fluids and has a pain pump as well, but thats something we are already experienced with and isn’t much when compared to her Tower of Power with five pumps last chemo cycle. We are expecting an intense few days with most likely very little sleep, but Ada is in excellent hands here on the surgery ward and we are working with our support people from oncology as well to see what relief may be available for me, because even the steeliest mind cant do 24/7 no sleep for months. Some of this may sound negative and hard to read, but overall it is a positive result and a good start to this next tough stage🌻👼🙏

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