Dial the pain pumps back

Hi folks, update from us – it was another shocker last night, but the thinking is that Ada is now waking because her digestive system is coming back online after the surgery. This is a good sign, although massively tough for Janie on her second night in a row of wake-ups every 10 mins. It does mean we’ve been able to dial the pain pumps way back, which is great and has greatly reduced some of the side effects Ada has been getting from those. She is going to start her feed again slowly today, assuming we get no vomiting in the next hour or so. For those wondering how we can tell the digestion is starting to move again, its because Ada let out a massive fart around midnightđź’¨ which is a sound we’ve all been listening out for since the surgery….

2 thoughts on “Dial the pain pumps back

    1. Hi there! Ada’s family have been through a really tough time. They’ve sent us some updates and I’ve now updated the blog with progress and updates on how she’s doing 🙂 xx from Daniela


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