Cycle 5 Chemo update

Hi folks, update from us – Ada is probably handling this cycle a lot better than we are, heh. Like Janie said, we are both just running on empty at the moment. It seems a bit like every little milestone we set ourselves is just a little plateau on the way up the mountain – you feel like you’ve achieved something right up until you see the next cliff face waiting for you! Janie had a really tough one overnight, there was some kind of cock-up with the chemo and it started late, so the run only finished at 4am. Between managing the vomiting and the pain and just normal hospital wake-ups, I don’t think Janie managed to get to sleep at all until I arrived this morning at 8. We’ve got a pretty good handle on the agents Ada is getting this round of chemo, so we are managing the pain a lot better than last time and some of the really gnarly chemo drugs aren’t in this round. Having said that, one of them in particular that we are getting is known for being the worst one for vomiting and while the pain is much more under control, it’s still pain. Luckily we’ve been able to bring the chemo forward a little, so it’ll be running from 9am until 10pm today instead of until 4am like yesterday. Ada is alternating between sleeping fitfully during the day, periods of being a little spaced out, periods of attempting to launch herself off her bed so she can play, and sleeping fitfully at night. Fingers crossed things settle down a bit earlier tonight so Ada and Janie can get some rest. ❤️

A long way to go, but all the determination she needs to get there

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