Pizza Fridays

Hello everybody, hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend! We are trying something new this weekend and swapped out, so Tim went to stay with Ada in hospital overnight this weekend and I am home with Disa. Even though we try to give each other a break in this way, we are having a hard time. Between feeling like we are in a long-distance marriage, never having time and energy to connect as a couple, and the exhaustion and challenges that come with Ada’s treatment and being in the hospital and trying to parent a toddler who is struggling with it all when you have no energy, we just feel a bit beat. Ada is having a hard time the last few days, even though she is off the pain pumps she hasn’t stopped vomiting and is on IV maintenance and will be monitored overnight.

Almost every Friday night since Ada was born we have pizza as a little family, we would try making our own or try local handmade ones or just take away ones when we were too tired. This weekend we postponed it to Saturday as hoped Ada would be discharged, and then postponed again yesterday afternoon as new complications arose. We had a tearful video call this morning as it became clear she would be in hospital tonight as well. To try to salvage some normality I ordered a pizza to be delivered to the hospital and one for home. It took Tim on the phone with the pizza delivery lady, a nurse and a nurse coordinator to get the pizza located and cleared past security, but we got there.

Sometimes in life, the little things can mean so much you can’t explain them to another adult without sobbing like a baby👼💜😭

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