Post Chemo

Hello everyone thank you for all the support and messages❤ I’m sorry we are slack with replying individually, we try to reply in a private message but are a bit scattered at the moment so don’t always get to it in a timely way.
Tim and Ada had a hard weekend, its always really depressing to see her so sick and the lack of sleep really gets to you after two days. After my break with Disa, I am ready to go back in, even though I didn’t really have any more sleep than usual but at least it was in a real bed.
Ada is still in hospital and will likely be here for the next few days, her vomiting hasn’t eased up and her blood pressure is consistently high. It’s a bit abnormal for chemo effects to last this long, but we are troubleshooting with the oncology team and if it’s not much improved by tomorrow I will probably ask the surgical team to weigh in as well, so in summary we have another difficult night ahead but we have a plan we are working to. Wishing you all a great week ahead💜🌻👼

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