Still in hospital

Hello everyone, Ada and I are still in hospital, she’s had an ultrasound of her kidneys which didn’t show anything too worrying but we are still investigating a few possibilities as her bp and kidney function are still not stable. Good news though, since switching the formula we use to supplement she seems to be doing a bit better, she is still exploding with every poop but is happily doing so, and not so much vomiting and even had some time in the play room today💩 She is very busy practising her Dr skills, this week focusing on blood pressure👼 As news got around the ward that Ada’s perking up we had a few visits from staff, and Ada pulled out all the charm. Later one of the nurses told us that cuddling and playing with Ada is providing a much needed boost for everyone as there was another loss on the ward last week. A bittersweet day🌻

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