Day 2 of fever (post-chemo)

All the cultures and tests so far remain negative for anything sinister, although they will continue to be monitored for the next few days in case something grows. Ada will stay on antibiotics until she is no longer neutropenic, which is a few days away for her and is also frustrating because it gives her an upset tummy and having skin breakdown again as she needed one of the dreaded urine baggies. Thanks to a tip from one of our new friends on the ward we asked for a big bed for Ada, it means she can sleep next to me (sometimes the only way she will sleep if things get really bad) and I can feed her easily. It does make her look really tiny though, and she is just loving playing with all the fancy bed remote controlsšŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø It looks like our scheduled tests will go ahead this week, but we will confirm over the next day or so and then do an update. Wishing you all a very good night and thank you for all the love and supportā¤

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