MRI Results

MRI Results

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all in bed having a good sleep or just waking up in the morning after a good sleep… Today there is some news of additional challenges, but also a huge positive.

Challenges first: Ada’s MRI results showed there are small clots on her brain which is causing the problems with her waking and movement on left side, most likely caused by the surgery complications. The MRI also shows the cancer on the right side of the skull is growing rapidly, making chemo more urgent.

The cardiology team and oncology team have been going back and forth about when to start chemo, and it looks like its tomorrow night or Thursday at the latest.

1) Ultrasound of Ada’s heart shows no clotting there, which was a major concern😄.
2)We had our first proper breastfeed💜
3)Tim has edged into the lead in the Pukestakes… Ada spilled all over his beard and got him in the mouth🤢 He scored a nice clinical scrub shirt though😂 And he now has a new very suitable dad shirt or two, courtesy of Tony💚

Biggest positive of the week so far: Seeing Ada SMILE and hearing her voice💗💘❤ Tim and I cried happy tears in front of a nurse that eventually excused herself… after 4 days of lifelessness, our baby’s voice was the sweetest thing!

Dad and sleeping baby in hospital room.
Tim and baby Ada

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