Hello all, Ada sat up a bit this morning and true to herself played much too vigorously for someone who’s had a sternotomy, so she is sore and grumpy now😔 At about 3pm today she will have general anaesthesia again for a scan, and sometime after that she will have her first round of chemo

Hi everyone, Ada’s back in her room, sleeping after her anaesthesia. Sounds like scan went ok, but they will likely discuss results with us at a later stage. The plan is for her to start chemo tomorrow morning as she’s still not quite awake. So tomorrow our epic journey really begins🌅

Also some positive news for everyone to hang on to: the neurologist finished reviewing the MRI, the little clots or emboli are not in any major areas of concern, and with chemo and some physiotherapy she is confident Ada will recover all her movement!😁

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