The ward goes into lockdown

To all our truly amazing family and friends, thank you for holding us up in love and all your help so far❤❤❤

At the moment the ward is on lockdown as a precaution because all the kids up here are so profoundly immune-compromised. This means Ada and I are allowed only one visitor, and no siblings and it has to be the same visitor who is registered and screened, which we’ve picked as Tim.

It means I get to see Disa even less which is its own heartbreak, and I cant have the help of all our wonderful volunteers like the last cycle. So at the moment, the way you can best help us is with things like meals, shopping, little house chores, pet & house sitting and help with Disa.

Margie I am working with the senior oncologist to get a special allowance to have you visit and help for cycle 3 and possibly stem cell harvest, as they are very understanding Ada needs extra help but needs to be cleared with higher-ups apparently. Again, thank you, everyone, we love you all and are grateful for everything you do💜🌻💜

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